A Thank You to the Baltimore Bar Library

by Professor Byron L. Warnken on August 5, 2014

Baltimore Bar Library Signing Picture

Byron Warnken at Baltimore Bar Library

On July 17th, I was able to speak at the Baltimore Bar Library about the updates to the criminal law of Maryland in the past year since my treatise was published.  It was a privilege and an honor.

It was remarkable how quickly the year since the original publication went by.  Ultimately, I decided to make the first annual update to the treatise available for free on the book’s webpage on warnkenlaw.com.  The response has been exceedingly positive.  If you have not downloaded the update, you are welcome to at any time.  No waiting, no paying.  If you haven’t gotten the full set from Amazon, you can do that at any time too.  A little waiting, a little paying.  Hopefully, though, worth its weight in gold.

Thanks to the Baltimore Bar Library and to Lou Curran.

Maryland Criminal Procedure at Baltimore Bar Library

Maryland Criminal Procedure


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