Introducing Warnken, LLC’s Workers’ Comp Calc Website

by Professor Byron L. Warnken on March 11, 2012

As you may or may not know, Warnken, LLC handles injury cases.  This is primarily an outgrowth of representing the MD Troopers Association (the largest labor union of the MD State Police).  We have represented cops in over 30 agencies, and have been representing the MD Troopers Association as their general counsel since 1997.

Unfortunately, Law Enforcement is an extremely dangerous line of work.  Cops are often injured or exposed to other unique hazards of the job.  We have represented the Troopers so zealously, many troopers asked us to handle their injury matters as well.  We began applying that zealous representation to personal injury cases, car accidents, and workers’ compensation.  Our first injury cases were over 20 years ago.  Our first MD Trooper injury cases were 15 years ago.  Our volume of public safety officer workers comp cases picked up considerably about ten years ago.

In early 2011, we decided to apply our collective workers’ comp knowledge to a website whereby people could estimate the value of their workers’ comp claim.  Our workers’ comp calculator was born.  The website is  In addition to the calculator feature, the website provides a great deal of general comp information and other resources, as well as providing information about Maryland workers’ comp lawyers. The Internet is about freedom and choice as the consumer, and, with that in mind, we show you not just what we can do as workers’ comp lawyers, but show you some other very good MD comp lawyers as well.

So without further ado, we formally announce  Check it out.  The search engines certainly have.  Our site is already second to only the MD Workers Comp Commission.

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